BARCELONA – (October 11, 2012) –U-Play Online announced the launch of AllMine MotoGP available now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

AllMine MotoGP is an addictive card game officially licensed that lets you enjoy the fascinating world of motorcycles playing cards with real racing team and pilots.

AllMine MotoGP
offers you the possibility to play alone, against your friends or people from all over the world to find out who knows the most about MotoGP and reach the top best player ranking in your country or around the world! AllMine MotoGP has different decks available. The player has to choose the appropriate value of the card to compete against his opponents’ values. The player with the highest value in the card takes the trick and leads the next. He wins when he collects all the cards.

AllMine MotoGP offers 4 different decks which include racers and circuits of MotoGP, Moto2, 125cc. MotoGP lovers have an advantage and will have far better chances of winning than others.

AllMine MotoGP Pro is available for €1.77 ( from the Google play on android devices and is available for €1.77 ( from the App Store on iPhone and iPad. Both are also available in Lite version.

For more information about AllMine MotoGP, visit Facebook and Twitter:
Av. Meridiana 350 7C
08027 Barcelona (Spain) - 00 34 93 309 02 69