Brain Aliens have huge heads because they are very intelligent and only attack dumb kids. Professor Cerebelum has discovered this fact and has built a super cannon to frighten the invaders with brain waves. We ask players to use their mobile device connected to Professor’s Lab to play minigames in order to generate brain energy and charge the cannon to shoot the aliens.

Enjoy learning and train your brain thanks to the game features:

- Funny science fiction background story
- 12 different minigames to test your brain capabilities and improve your mental skills
- Innovative dynamic interface
- Different profile and difficulty for kids and adults (kid-safe content)
- Complete stats: memory, logic, perception and analysis
- Compete with your Facebook friends with online rankings
- Game Center integration with 30 achievements and leaderboard
- Practice languages thanks to multilingual support: English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, German and more coming soon

Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion minigames are based in WISC test exercises. Scientific studies prove that playing brain training games help improving mental skill and cognitive capabilities.

Thanks to this educational brain training game kids can learn spelling, basic math and general knowledge in a funny way while improving their mental skills.

Play, train and learn with your children in this kid-friendly adventure from outer space!

Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion

Save the Earth in the first complete brain training game for both kids and adults

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