Tadeo Jones: Train Crisis... Course to Machu Picchu!
U-PLAY Online develops Tadeo Jones: Train Crisis app
Barcelona- (December 21th, 2012) U-PLAY Online, a Barcelona located company, has developed a new version of its best seller Train Crisis with Tadeo Jones in its starring role.

With a 3d HD environment, and a well cared musical ambience, Tadeo and Jeff, his loyal dog, will have to drive the train while solving puzzles all along 40 levels. The target is to arrive to the station after recollecting SuperCookies tunning up crossroads and avoiding other trains all togheter with all the movie characters. Fun is guaranteed for hours both for kids and parents as it is a family intended game.

Jordi Torras, U-PLAY Online CEO, highlights the proposed collaboration model with Mediaset España. “It's a recipe that other companies have explored worldwide and that we wanted to bring here. One of the reference success stories is Imangi Studios and its partnership with Disney to publish a version of its successful Temple Run with a Brave movie adaptation”.

Train Crisis original version achieves more than one million of downloads and has its own spin-off, Train Crisis Christmas.

Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones (produced by Ikiru Films, Telecinco Cinema, Toro Pictures, El, Lightbox Entertainment, Media Networks and Intereconomía) is Enrique Gato's first feature film and the first animation movie of Telecinco Cinema. With more than 2,5 millions of spectators in Spain is the third most seen movie and is also top 3 in China and Korea. Will be presented soon in theathers across Europe. “Te voy a esperar”, main track of the screenplay, has been #1 single after movie's premiere.

Tadeo Jones Train Crisis Pro can be downloaded (1,79€) at iTunes http://bit.ly/WtY6EK for iPad/iPhone and at Google Play http://bit.ly/ZXPoTR for Android devices. There is also a Lite (free) version at iTunes http://bit.ly/YsHXU8 and at Google Play http://bit.ly/UTWLoO
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