oboka, 3 may 2016, 12:26
In this post we will be speaking about Youtubers Life’s artistic expression.
In this case, our main influences come from Game Dev Tycoon and The Sims, titles which have also been principal references in our game design.

At the beginning we wondered whether to make a game under an isometric perspective -in 2.5D, that is to say, creating stages in 3D, in spite of the fact that in the game you played with an image in 2D. However, we finally decided to use pure 3D because we thought that it could look more spectacular and add a differentiation with regard to other tycoon games. We also ended up by exaggerating the focal length, which in principle had to be close to the orthographic one, in order to strengthen the 3D perception.

We want Youtubers Life to be a game for all ages and this is something we also had to take into consideration when deciding its visual looks. We thought that rather than realism, our models -both characters and objects- should have funny proportions and a bright colour palette, as in cartoons -actually, we use to call it cartoonish style.

A technical requirement we had to consider from the beginning was the fact that we needed a huge amount of non playable characters (NPC’s). This forced us to find a way which generating a character should be as easy as possible and did not damage the performance of the game in a computer. Our characters are formed by different pieces which can combine between each other, just as a character from Lego. At the same time, we generate a high number of NPC’s and we offer this variety to the players so they can create their avatar at their convenience.

We also thought that it was important that our character had facial animation in order to express feelings. The issue was that the camera would stick quite far away from the characters. For this reason we chose a typical 2D technical solution: eyes and mouths are drawings which change frame by frame so it gives an illusion of movement.

Last but not least, as follows you will see how our characters have evolved from a primary phase of the project to nowadays, when the product is almost ready.


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