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From browser manager games to Youtubers Life, this is our history.

How did we get the idea

U-Play Online was born to develop the whole founding team’s dreamt game. This game was Striker Manager, a football manager browser-game which was, actually, the only game made by our company for quite a long period of time. Some years later we developed its twin game based on basketball. Our reason of being as a company were management games. Both games were very successful in our origin country and they reached high levels of popularity.

Over time, new opportunities arose and we created a new line of games for smartphones. These games were a big challenge for a small sized company like ours by then. Train Crisis, Striker Soccer or Swipe Basketball have been huge successful stories which have carried international recognition. There have been more than 50M downloads overall.

Our first approach to the world of youtubers came with Karmarun, a game developed along with the top Spanish speaking videobloggers Elrubius, Vegeta777 and Willyrex, among others. The strength of these new stars in the media was made clear on the same day we launched our game. We crushed the records of 8 years of life.

From then on, it was just a matter of time that both concepts -“youtuber” and “management”- came together in our imagination and that Youtubers Life came to life.

New platforms

It was obvious that this game would become something big and that we should spare no expense in capturing our ideas within the game. We decided to go back to the desktop format, but this time under the umbrella of Steam rather than making a browser-based game.

The technical features of a PC for these kinds of project were optimal to overcome the limitations of other platforms such as browsers or smartphomes.


Immediately after, the sucessful Game Dev Tycoon appeared as a reference. This flawlessly developed game puts the player in the role of a videogame programmer and, in spite of its graphical limitations, its mechanics achieve an extraordinary game depth. However, it is a managing game with no excessive complications.

Another big reference we have come across is The Sims, at the time an extremely innovative franchise which has been able to create a genre of its own. One thing which videobloggers have mentioned with no exception is their complexity of managing their life as a youtuber and their daily ordinary life. We wanted to capture this dichotomy by adding mechanics inspired in the way life is managed in The Sims.


Youtubers Life is the most ambitious project made by U-Play Online so far. We have spared no expense in any sense: each mechanics of the game has been iterated several times for a perfect optimization; various artists and animators have taken part in it and have provided the game of its own personality and the characters of their own life; and our developers have had a huge challenge to make dozens of characters behave as if they were real.

Despite the fact that we are conscious of the challenge and the expectations created on this game, Youtubers Life will by our first entry on Steam and we want to do it through the main gate, as we did with Striker Manager when we began making browser games or as we did with Train Crisis when we began making games for smartphones.

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